Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

Does chiropractic hurt?

No. Chiropractic is designed to take pressure off of joints and nerves. You might feel a little soreness after your treatment similar to exercising, but typically you feel less discomfort than before the treatment.

Do I have to keep coming back?

No. Here at Abundant Life Chiropractic we will accurately diagnose your problem, and then we will give you a treatment schedule to correctly fix your condition. After we have completed your care, we will give you home exercises and stretches to prevent the problem from reoccurring. While most of our patients will come in periodically for maintenance care, it will not be required. However, remember! Everything good in life requires some form of maintenance; your home, your car, and your teeth all require maintenance. Your spine is no different after all it houses your nerves which controls your entire body.

Are chiropractors licensed professionals?

Yes. Dr. Harter is board certified and a licensed chiropractor in the state of Florida.

Does insurance cover chiropractic?

Chiropractic is covered by most health insurance plans as well as auto insurance and workers compensation plans. Dr. Harter is a preferred provider on almost all major medical, PPO and HMO plans. Please call 239-772-2266 or use our contact form to find out more about your specific benefits.

Is it ok to see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?

Yes, chiropractic is safe and beneficial for both the mother and child. Chiropractic helps relieve the back pain that can occur from the weight gain during pregnancy. It also helps ease the delivery of the child.

Is chiropractic care safe for children?

Yes. We treat patients from newborns to senior citizens. Children are exposed to various degrees of trauma from birth, from learning to walk and ride a bike, to playing sports. These minor incidents add up and can cause problems to developing spines. Chiropractic is uniquely suited to help children’s spines develop correctly without drugs or surgery.

Do chiropractors prescribe drugs or do surgery?

No. Chiropractic is the largest drugless healing art. If drugs or surgery are needed to treat your condition, we will make the appropriate referral to the necessary physician. Dr. Harter has working relationships with a variety of healthcare providers to provide for all of your needed care. He also does not have a problem working with other physicians of your choice.

What are the different types of care I can receive?

Some people are looking strictly for symptom relief while others are interested in long-term strategies to maintain good health.
There are three stages of care:

  • Initial Intensive Care (Crisis Management): The primary goal is symptom or pain relief. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may be treated as little as once a week or as often as every day.
  • Rehabilitative Care: The focus here is on correcting or eliminating the source of the problem. This minimizes your likelihood of a relapse. Treatment frequency starts to decrease and you are advised on home/office self-care to help support this process. You will notice further improvement in your range of movement, flexibility, strength, energy level and/or general health.
  • Wellness Care: You have now returned to your healthiest state. Acknowledging that daily stresses and strains wear us all down, you choose to maintain an optimal level of functioning with periodic checkups. Depending on the factors listed above, you may receive maintenance treatments anywhere from every one to six weeks.
How do I get the most out of my Chiropractic care?

To be the healthiest you can be, you and your chiropractor must work as a team.

I thought a chiropractor would cure me with spinal adjustments. Is there more to it than that?

A chiropractor adjusts your spine to reduce the problem areas called subluxations, which cause so many health conditions. When your spine is correctly aligned, it allows your nervous system to function properly, and your body can heal itself. Spinal adjustments give your body the opportunity to heal.

What can I do?

Here's a list to keep on the fridge:

  • Healing takes place during sleep. You must get a good night's sleep, and rest when you're really tired.
  • Healing takes energy, the kind that comes from proper nutrition. You may need nutritional supplements, which the chiropractor may prescribe, but you definitely need good, wholesome food, eaten calmly and regularly. Avoid foods that are preserved, packaged, or unnatural. Read labels and avoid those that contain chemicals, as well as fatty, salty, or sugary junk foods and excessive amounts of tea, coffee, soda, or alcohol. Learn to appreciate the taste of foods and drinks that are as close to their natural state as possible such as spring water, juices, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Your body was designed to move. Healing requires strong and healthy muscles, and a heart and lungs that can transport vital nutrients and oxygen to every single cell. Exercise - which is just another word for moving - is essential. The chiropractor will recommend stretches and exercises to complement your treatment, but good health requires a permanent commitment to making your body move.
  • Laugh. Research has shown that a key to living long is to live happy. Attitude is a huge importance, and the best attitude comes from living with joy in your heart.
  • Lighten your load. A body in pain, a sick body, may well be a body overcome by tension. Give yourself time to think, time to reflect, time to heal. Remember, in your struggle to achieve a better tomorrow, today is all you really have.
  • Be patient. Keep your chiropractic appointments. Each adjustment builds on the previous one, so it is essential to maintain the schedule the chiropractor prescribes for you.

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