Torticollis Treatment

What is Torticollis?
Torticollis is a spasm of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) which is located on each side of the neck. There are many presentations of Torticollis based on age and cause of injury. Infants will present with a fixed head position that is seen within minutes to weeks of delivery. Most commonly the infant will struggle when turning their head to one side. This often affects the infant’s ability to nurse and sleep. Adults often present with a painful spasm causing the head to be held in a slightly flexed and rotated position. Forced movement of the head causes intense pain and/or headaches. Most adults and children wake up with this condition and no known cause or trauma is noted.

How can Chiropractrichelp me?
By making chiropractic adjustment to the neck and upper back we are able to take pressure off and stimulate the nerves that are controlling the contracted muscle to heal therefore allowing the muscles to relax and function properly. Chiropractic care, along with stretching of the neck muscles and other physiotherapies are very effective when it comes to relieving Torticollis.

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