Children love chiropractic care!

Some parents are very surprised when their child climbs up on the chiropractic table by themselves because they want to be adjusted. It does feel good to have interference (vertebral subluxations) removed or reduced so that the body may heal itself and balance homeostasis. Adjustments work to restore body function.

Conditions that commonly respond to chiropractic care include: ear infections & fluid, asthma & allergies. colic, bed-wetting, growing pains, constipation and stomach aches. Older kids that have headaches and migraines usually respond with corrective care and start to feel better after 2-3 weeks. Athletic children enjoy more balance and better performance due to improved posture. As a parent it will give you a sense of peace knowing your child is regularly checked for vertebral subluxation.

Please look at our research section for various studies concerning children and chiropractic care. We look forward to helping your family naturally without the dangerous side effects of traditional medications. Chiropractic helps your whole body work better by improving the nervous system function. Please call us to schedule a consultation with the doctor. 239-772-2266

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