Dr. Eric L. Harter Cape Coral Chiropractor

Dr. Eric L. Harter, Cape Coral Chiropractor

Born September 30, 1971 in a small town in upstate New York where I lived on a dairy farm.

In 2002 I discovered the many benefits of Chiropractic care as it helped me get rid of my headaches/migraines, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue and insomnia, frequent colds and flus, sinus infections and ear problems.

I decided in January of 2007 that I wanted to become a Chiropractor as I knew I could help so many people discover where true health really comes from, and that is from within our bodies, not from a medicine or a surgery.

I enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic-Florida in 2008 and graduated near the top of my class. My focus is on family wellness and sports chiropractic. Teaching people, young and old how to prevent and avoid illness altogether with the right lifestyle choices and no interference in their nervous systems.

I am a licensed Chiropractic Physician in Florida since 2011. Since then I have cared for and adjusted thousands of patients from just a few days old to 95+ years of age.

I have 3 amazing children, all of whom have had Chiropractic since the day they were born and not once had to have a medication put in their bodies. I am proud to say that by keeping their spines and nervous systems healthy, by eating right, exercising daily, and having faith in God to heal, we have not had to subject our children to any drugs with many adverse side effects.

I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy golfing, fishing, hunting, snow skiing, basketball, and water sports as well.

I volunteer at our church and help children in less fortunate neighborhoods with food and gifts for special occasions and around the Holidays.

My professional goals are to continue helping as many people in Cape Coral and the surrounding cities of Lee County achieve the greatest health they ever dreamed of having. To be the primary care Doctor to all who value a holistic, natural approach to staying healthy and well. To teach every man, woman and child how to treat your body like the temple it is by doing public speaking seminars in local businesses, churches, schools and anywhere I can get people to listen. To seek God’s will in my office to change the way our community sees healthcare and inspire them to make the necessary changes in their lives so they can enjoy their families, careers and friendships without suffering from illness and disease and throwing all their hard earned money away on trying to regain their health after its already gone.

Sarah Rodriguez
LMT MA#52387- MM#39026
Cape Coral
Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah Rodriguez Cape Coral Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah graduated from Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. She has been a Physical Therapy Aid as well, so she is very aware of the importance of the whole body approach. Sarah incorporates stretching into her Swedish, Deep Tissue and Healing Touch/ Body Mapping Massages, upon the request of the client. She has owned her own practice for 8 years. Sarah has also worked in a chiropractic setting as well as a Physical Therapy office.

Sarah Rodriguez was born and raised in Maine, but has resided in Florida for 14 years. She is very dedicated to helping enrich the mind, body and spirit of all of her clients. Her goal is to provide a relaxing environment, with the use of aromatherapy, as well as uplifting words, music and healing touch.

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