Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elnow Brace

Tennis elbow is most common in adults between the ages of 30 - 50 and is often caused by overuse or repetitive use of the forearm extensor muscles.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

People with tennis elbow complain of pain on the outer side of their elbow and may extend into their forearm or wrist. Pain and inflammation most commonly occurs where the tendons or muscles of your forearm attach to the outside of the elbow. People with tennis elbow often experience weakness that makes it particularly difficult grasp and/or hold objects.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

At Abundant Life Chiropractic we will determine if your condition is caused by a nerve impingement, misalignment of your spine, or caused by shoulder dysfunction. In most cases, basic chiropractic adjustments, with or without acupuncture, may alleviate your symptoms. Dr. Harter will also instruct you on proper rehab techniques and ergonomics to ensure you are pain-free as soon as possible and stay pain-free. Ice will be applied to the area of injury to decrease inflammation and swelling. If chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, rest and ice do not alleviate your tennis elbow symptoms then forearm strap or brace may be recommended. Tennis elbow straps will help take stress off injured muscles/tendons and facilitate healing. If you have further questions about tennis elbow please contact our office at 239-772-2266.

Tennis Elbow Diagram

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